The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration recently issued the “Measures for the Administration of Electronic Cigarettes”. The new regulations clearly prohibit the sale of electronic cigarette products to minors; ordinary primary and secondary schools, secondary vocational schools and other surrounding areas are not allowed to set up electronic cigarette product sales outlets.

Smoking is harmful to health, and this common sense has not been changed by the emergence of electronic cigarettes. Although it does not contain cigarette tar, the toxic and harmful substances in electronic cigarette accessories can still cause unforeseen damage to the human body. In addition, in order to increase the sense of excitement, some e-cigarettes add nicotine far beyond that of ordinary cigarettes, and scientific research has proved that nicotine is very harmful to the nervous system of adolescents during their growth and development.

At present, many electronic cigarette products on the market are either made into fruit flavors to cover the smell of cigarettes, or with cool shapes to attract attention, which are very confusing for children who are not strong in discernment and self-control. According to a survey, 44% of non-smoking teenagers who have tried e-cigarettes plan to try traditional cigarettes. In order to protect the health of children, it is very urgent to stop the spread of electronic cigarettes.

Teenagers will come into contact with and even become addicted to electronic cigarettes, which is inseparable from some businessmen who take advantage of their own tactics. In recent years, the relevant departments have been emphasizing the prohibition of the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and have also explicitly ordered e-commerce platforms to remove all e-cigarette products from the shelves.

But as far as the actual situation is concerned, the violations on the surface are gone, but there are still people behind the scenes.

For example, large supermarkets need to “show proof” to buy cigarettes, while many small stores say “minors are not allowed to buy”, while “turning a blind eye” to the true age of consumers; Large e-commerce platforms cannot find relevant products, but there are a large number of “daigou” and “micro-businesses” on social media… These “running and leaking” are pushing minors into the “pit” and become a test of new regulations The key to whether it can be fully effective after landing.

The vitality of the law lies in its execution.

To curb the infringement of e-cigarettes on minors, for various supermarkets, especially convenience stores around schools, relevant departments should increase their daily sampling inspections, and be sure to hit and punish them when they show up. From a larger perspective, it is also particularly important to purify the “smoky” environment. Many businesses deliberately brand e-cigarettes as a symbol of youth, fashion and fashion, and videos such as “dazzling smoke rings” and “fancy teaching” can be found on the Internet.

The platform should further raise the review threshold, and promptly mark or remove these inductive content. Schools and families should provide timely and reasonable guidance, further integrate the stay away from electronic cigarettes into safety education, and continuously enhance the identification ability and resistance awareness of young people.

At present, the number of smokers in my country has exceeded 300 million, and millions of people lose their lives due to smoking diseases every year. If effective measures are not taken, these numbers will continue to rise. It can be said that reducing “pre-smokers” is not only a small matter in personal life, but also a major matter related to national development. Taking the new regulations as an opportunity to create a fresh and healthy growth space for children is the real responsibility.

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