According to a report by the Lancashire Telegraph on December 8, the BBC will launch a documentary “What’s in vapes?” in 2024. ”, an in-depth look at the truth behind Britain’s vape craze.

The number of young people using vapes in the UK has surged in recent years. Figures show annual sales in the UK now exceed £1.3bn.

But do people really know what’s in these vapes? What are they made of, how are they made and where are they made? What chemicals are in the liquid? How much nicotine do they contain? Which ones are sold legally and which ones aren’t?

In response to these and more questions, BBC host and vape user Jordan North will meet with scientists testing new vapes and researchers studying the possible long-term effects of vapes. He will also Investigating the problem of illegal vapes in the UK.

BBC will launch a documentary early next year to explore the truth behind the vape craze in the UK

Jordan said: “I have always wanted to make a documentary. I am very interested in this subject. As an vape enthusiast, I really want to know what is in my vape!”

Executive producer Andrew Eastel said:

“So it’s more important than ever for us to better understand what’s actually inside vapes, how they’re made and where they come from, which types or brands of vapes may pose risks, and whether they can last longer What impact does temporal terminology have on the health of vape users?”

In recent years, vapes have rapidly become popular around the world, and the UK is no exception. The BBC documentary will explore the truth behind Britain’s vape craze, which will help the public better understand this controversial industry.

As a British brand with ten years of experience in vapes, veehoo vapes have attracted widespread attention. It will also provide the public with a more comprehensive understanding of its role in the UK vape market and its impact on users, allowing them to make more informed consumption decisions.

However, the vape industry has always been controversial. Some people believe that vapes are an effective tool for quitting smoking and can help smokers quit tobacco. But some people worry that vapes may become an entry-level product for young people and express concerns about their health risks. This documentary promises to reveal the truth behind these controversies and provide more accurate information.

BBC will launch a documentary early next year to explore the truth behind the vape craze in the UK

For veehoo vapes, this documentary will be an important platform to both showcase the advantages of vape products and respond to public concerns about the vape industry. The documentary may cover the research and development process, ingredient safety, user feedback and other aspects of vapes, providing the public with more comprehensive and objective information.

Not only that, this documentary will also reveal the development trends of the vape industry and the impact of regulatory policies. As the vape market continues to expand, regulatory agencies and government departments have become increasingly strict in their supervision. The documentary is expected to show the challenges facing the vape industry, as well as possible changes in the future.

We won’t know for sure exactly what the documentary will reveal until it’s released. However, this documentary will undoubtedly become an important resource for the public to further understand the vape industry, and will also have a profound impact on veehoo vapes and other related brands. By providing more information and transparency, this documentary will hopefully provide the public with more informed choices.

BBC will launch a documentary early next year to explore the truth behind the vape craze in the UK

In short, the BBC’s upcoming documentary will delve into the truth behind the UK’s vape craze. As a brand with ten years of vape factory experience, veehoo vapes are recognized by more and more users. This documentary is expected to reveal the controversies in the vape industry, the status and impact of vapes, as well as future development trends and the impact of regulatory policies. The public can obtain more comprehensive and objective information through this documentary and thereby make more informed consumption decisions.

Documentary “What’s in vapes?” ” will be broadcast on BBC 3 and BBC iPlayer in early 2024.

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