According to the latest report from Talkingretail, British police have seized tens of thousands of illegal vape products from black market vape sellers every month in nationwide raids. This phenomenon highlights the regulatory challenges of the UK vape market and the impact of the upcoming 2025 disposable vape ban.

It is estimated that about one-third of vapes currently sold in the UK market do not comply with the relevant provisions of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). As the disposable vape ban approaches, the number of illegal vapes is expected to increase further.

vape retailer Vape Superstore investigated the number of illegal vapes and cigarettes seized by local governments in the UK between January and February 2023 through a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

The results show that Kent County Council seized the most illegal vapes during this period, with a total of 431,005 sticks, most of which entered the UK through the Eurotunnel terminal and the Port of Dover. Lancashire County Council has the most illegal vape sellers, a total of 132. Meanwhile, Carmarthenshire County Council seized the most illegal cigarettes in the UK, totaling 160,000 packs.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of consumers’ perception of black market vape products, Vape Superstore surveyed 1,381 disposable vape users in 2023.

The results showed that more than half of the respondents (50.3%) were not familiar with TPD regulations. In addition, 83% of the respondents did not understand the possible health risks of illegal disposable vapes, while 36.4% of the respondents believed that black market vapes were more cost-effective. It is worth noting that 34.1% of the respondents were not clear about the difference between illegal devices and regulated disposable vapes.


David Phillips, spokesman for Vape Superstore, stressed: “As an effective smoking cessation tool, vapes have great market potential. However, the proliferation of illegal vapes not only threatens public health, but also disrupts the order of the market. Research has revealed the severity of the black market vape problem in Kent, Lancashire, Anglesey and Swansea. Raising consumers’ awareness of the potential harm of these products is essential to guide them to make more informed purchasing decisions.”

With the implementation of the ban on disposable vapes, the British government and relevant agencies are faced with multiple tasks of strengthening market supervision, improving consumer awareness and protecting public health. This requires not only the joint efforts of policymakers, law enforcement agencies and retailers, but also the vigilance and participation of consumers themselves.

As a brand that focuses on product quality and user experience, Veehoo vapes calls on users to choose formal channels to purchase its products and jointly maintain market order and public health.

Veehoo vapes have been committed to product innovation and user experience. Their products comply with relevant regulations and standards and undergo strict quality control and safety testing. By choosing formal channels to purchase Veehoo vape products, consumers can obtain more reliable product guarantees and avoid the health risks that may be caused by using illegal products.

There are many other benefits to buying vape products from formal channels. First, products from formal channels go through legal import and sales procedures, which ensures the authenticity and compliance of the products. Consumers can use these products with more confidence and avoid buying counterfeit, inferior or substandard products.

Second, sellers from formal channels usually provide comprehensive after-sales service and customer support. If consumers encounter problems or need consultation during use, they can get professional help and answers in time to improve the user experience.

In addition, buying vape products from formal channels also helps to maintain the healthy development of the entire industry. By supporting sellers and brands from legal channels, consumers can jointly call for stricter market supervision and legislation, promote the standardized development of the industry, and reduce the circulation of illegal products.

Veehoo vapes hopes to guide consumers to make wise purchasing decisions to protect their own rights and interests and public health by calling on users to choose formal channels to buy products. At the same time, Veehoo will continue to be committed to product innovation and quality assurance, provide users with safer and more reliable vape products, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Consumers’ choices and actions play an important role in maintaining market order and public health. Let us work together to create a good vape consumption environment.

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