In the past two years, the global vape market has begun to enter a new stage. On the one hand, the gradually tightening regulatory policies have forced manufacturers to adjust their product lines, such as disposable products that will be widely banned in the future; on the other hand, some companies are also actively exploring future forms of vapes, hoping to More diverse products attract consumers.

In the first half of the year, vape products have ushered in a new trend. Many brands have launched new vape products with screens, some under the banner of intelligence. Some even compare “big screen + intelligence” products to the “iPhone” of the vape era, believing that such products will lead vapes into a new era.

So, do large-screen vapes really have this “magic”? Do these new products have revolutionary functions and bring next-generation experience? This article will give you some brief analysis.

As for whether vapes with screens can usher in a new era, that’s a matter of opinion.

Under the leadership of leading brands, large screens have become the industry consensus

According to media reports, since Elfar launched disposable vapes with oil-electric displays, many brands have followed suit.

At present, vape brands that have launched large-screen products include RabBeats, HQD, FRESOR, SMOK, IJOY, FiBiE, ABUFUN, etc.

With the iteration of products, the size of the screen and technical solutions are also constantly upgraded. The “screen-to-body ratio” of the screen to the cigarette rod continues to increase. At the same time, the display solution is gradually transitioning from three-color LED to full-color LCD. With the continuous decline in selling prices, the penetration rate of vapes with screens is expected to further increase.

Some experts said that the rise of large-screen vapes reflects companies’ pursuit of product innovation and differentiated development, aiming to attract consumers by improving user experience and adding product features. Judging from recent trends, large-screen vapes have indeed become a new bright spot in the industry, with the following characteristics:

01. Enhance user experience: The large screen can provide richer information display, such as the number of inhalations, battery power, temperature control, etc., allowing users to more intuitively understand and control their own usage habits. This personalized experience may attract part of consumers.

02. Intelligent trend: vapes combined with large screens are often accompanied by intelligent functions, such as adjusting device settings through touch operations. This is in line with the trend of intelligence and personalization pursued by current technology products, and helps to enhance the market of the product. Competitiveness.

03. Safety and convenience: Through the integration of integrated circuits such as MCU (microcontroller unit), large-screen vapes can achieve more precise power control, short-circuit protection and other safety functions. At the same time, it is convenient for users to intuitively check the status of the device, adding Peace of mind in use.

Although large-screen design has received some attention, whether it can “save” vapes still needs to consider factors such as broader market acceptance, regulations and policies, and health impact assessment. The prospects of the vape market are also subject to regulatory policies on vape products around the world, as well as consumers’ continued concerns about health.

Judging from the existing screen functions alone, it is indeed a big improvement over previous product functions, but it is far from the shocking feeling that “from feature phone to smart phone” brought to consumers, and many display functions were not available a few years ago. It has long been available in large smoke products. The so-called “intelligence” is still weak, and more fresh and eye-catching gameplay needs to be discovered based on consumer pain points.

Of course, as a new trend in the industry, large-screen vapes can boost market vitality to a certain extent and meet the needs of specific consumer groups. This innovation is worthy of recognition.

In this trend, veehoo vapes have also kept pace with the times and launched its innovative masterpiece – H10. This vape is equipped with an eye-catching 2.5D curved touch screen, bringing consumers a new user experience.

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