Electronic cigarette and MEMS

Electronic cigarettes do not contain harmful components such as tar and suspended particles. With the improvement of people’s health awareness, smoking electronic cigarettes is becoming a trend. In addition, the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette can be flavored by adding flavoring agents of different components, and users can choose the taste of e-liquid according to their own preferences.
MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) generally refers to micro-electromechanical systems, which are precision micro-processing on the micron scale to form various types of micro-sensors and micro-actuators. Pressure sensor is one of the earliest and applied sensors in MEMS sensors. It is mainly divided into piezoresistive type and capacitive type in terms of detection principle. Both of them are made of silicon material through pattern transfer and etching methods to make micron-scale pressure sensitive. diaphragm.

electronic cigarette head

At present, electronic cigarette products on the market mainly use microphone heads as pressure switches. The cost of the microphone is low, but there are some pain points in use that need to be solved.


Multi-part assembly, there are assembly tolerances, and the consistency of trigger pressure cannot be guaranteed

Oil resistance:

E-liquid or water vapor enters the capacitor diaphragm gap, resulting in performance degradation, or even failure in severe cases

SMT Compatibility:

Manual welding is required, and the requirements for welders are quite high, which is one of the reasons that affects the production capacity

Single Device Based Solutions

Single differential pressure sensor realizes suction detection

One side of the device diaphragm is in contact with the airflow channel, and the other side is in contact with the atmospheric pressure, waterproof and oil-proof

Multiple output interfaces: interrupt, frequency, I2C

Advantages over traditional microphones

Low cost: single-chip differential pressure detection, the whole machine design is more compact

Oil resistance: The rear air intake method is adopted, which is waterproof and oil-proof

Consistency: MEMS micron-level processing technology, small device differences, and calibration test before leaving the factory to ensure consistent trigger pressure

Minxin believes that the MEMS pressure sensor is one of the best solutions for realizing the suction switch in electronic cigarettes. For this reason, through repeated improvement and optimization, the sensitive core MEMS pressure sensor with excellent reliability and stability has been recognized and trusted by many customers and continues to be supplied in large quantities. In addition, taking advantage of the technological superposition advantages of MEMS platform-based enterprises, Minxin Co., Ltd. took the lead in developing chips including flowmeters and flow switches to achieve coverage of the high, medium and low brand market of e-cigarettes.

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