The appearance and styles of disposable electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more abundant now, which is due to the application of advanced production technology, such as the popular two-color injection molding before, and now the skin sticking process that is showing signs of tuyere.

Bi-color injection refers to a molding method in which two plastics of different colors are injected into the same mold. It can make the plastic parts appear in two different colors, and can make the plastic parts show regular patterns or irregular moiré-like colors, so as to improve the practicability and aesthetics of the plastic parts.

The lamination process is to attach a layer of leather material to the metal/plastic surface, which can not only present rich colors and appearance textures, but also have a warm and comfortable touch.

If the two-color injection molding brings the visual impact of color and shape, then the skin-laying process can not only give a visually beautiful appearance, but also bring a unique touch of high-end consumer products.

Some people may find it strange, what’s new about the skinning process that has been used for big cigarettes and pod pods?

The highlight here is that the high-cost skinning process in the past has brought down the cost, which has been applied to the disposable pods that are now the top exporters.

According to the introduction of relevant manufacturers, the past skinning process mostly relies on manual operation, which not only has low production efficiency, but also is difficult to guarantee the stability of product quality.

Today’s skinning process can rely on automated production, reducing the overall cost to half of the original labor cost, and the output is greatly improved.

ccording to the different leather materials and post-processing processes, the stick-skin electronic cigarette sticks can present a variety of colors and textures, which are high-end and generous. They are not only waterproof and oil-proof, but also resistant to high temperature and moisture.

Taking PU leather as an example, it can increase the friction between the cigarette rod and the palm, greatly reducing the possibility of hand slippage, and the overall touch is softer and more textured, which can give people a warm feeling. Very warm and comfortable in the hand.

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