At 12:00 on June 12, Dubai time, the 2024 World vape Show (WORLD VAPE SHOW) officially opened at the Dubai World Trade Center. Official data show that the exhibition attracted retailers, distributors and wholesalers from 88 countries, and it is expected that more than 1,000 brands and products will be exhibited.

As the distribution center of vape transactions in the Middle East, Dubai’s influence radiates throughout the Middle East. The World vape Show has gradually become an important event in the global vape industry. Well-known brands and companies participating in this exhibition include YOOZ, ELFBAR, SKE, ASPIRE, VAPORESSO, FEELM, WAKA, GEEKBAR, VOZOL, ELUX, OXBA, YUOTO, OXVA, FirstUnion, SMISS, HQD, INNOKIN, INFLAVE, MOTI, TUGBOAT, ANDS, HAYATI, KIWI, etc.

Exhibitors showcased their new products and technologies at the show, showing the latest trends and innovations in the vape field. It is expected that more product information will be released during the show.

This event has become an important event in the vape industry, with well-known brands and companies appearing one after another to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the vape field.

Although Veehoo vapes did not participate in this exhibition, it is exciting that they have opened a new showroom on Dubai Airport Road, providing consumers with an unprecedented visiting experience. As an vape brand that focuses on quality and innovation, Veehoo’s showroom will become a must-visit for vape enthusiasts in Dubai.

Located on Dubai Airport Road in the United Arab Emirates, Veehoo’s showroom has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation, providing vape enthusiasts in Dubai with an opportunity to get in touch with the latest products and learn about the latest technology. The showroom will display Veehoo’s full range of products, including their leading vape equipment and rich flavors. Visitors can experience the high quality and excellent performance of Veehoo vapes firsthand.

Although Veehoo vape did not attend the World Vape Show in person, they opened a showroom in Dubai to convey to consumers their attention and commitment to the vape market in the Middle East. They hope to provide local consumers with a better shopping experience and after-sales service through the opening of the showroom, and bring them more positive information and scientific knowledge about vapes.

Veehoo vape has always been committed to promoting the sustainable development of the vape industry. They firmly believe that through compliance and innovation, they can provide consumers with safer alternatives to smoking. In the establishment of the showroom, Veehoo vape once again demonstrated their commitment to sustainable development and providing consumers with high-quality products.

Both the World vape show and Veehoo vape’s showroom provide more opportunities and choices for the development of the vape industry and consumer demand. These measures will help promote the vape industry towards a healthier and more sustainable future, provide smokers with better choices, and allow them to enjoy a safer and healthier smoking experience than traditional cigarettes. But it is worth noting that both traditional cigarettes and vapes are harmful to physical health. Please make a choice that suits you on the premise of full understanding. Minors should not smoke.

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