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V3 7500PUFFS Large capacity wine bottle vape

VEEHOO vape V3 7500puffs

Large-capacity wine bottle electronic cigarette, another masterpiece brought by veehoo company for vape lovers, with exquisite stickers, rich flavors and large capacity.
7500puffs are enough for most scenarios, and the rechargeable design does not waste every drop of e-juice. Visible stickers are very suitable for vape. The stickers are made of laser technology and have a cool appearance. The volume of e-liquid is large and the taste is soft, which can give you a sense of satisfaction.
Veehoo v3 has the appearance of a wine bottle, which is a very suitable product for people who love wine culture. It adopts a special design to bring you the taste of cocktail vape.

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VEEHOO has always adhered to the independent and original product design style, combining the latest fashion sense of digital product design with the social sense of traditional culture, coupled with the inherent Vaper style of product design, creating a "tide" With the "burning" product and brand concept.

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